Saturday, February 11, 2012


Since I'm fairly obsessed with fashion, naturally one of my favorite elements of a room (or a home) is the closet. I dream of having a walk-in-closet one day.

And I don't want it to be just a storage box for dumping clothes... I want it to be a room. A room where i can sit, have coffee...a room with a view.

check this one for example. The closet has a full window in one corner, and very very spacious.
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photo from furniturefashion

as well as this one... (i'm also obsessed with corner windows by the way.)
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photo from

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elements required of my future walk-in-closet?
a huge window
a chair i can sink into
a rug
coffee table

and this one little cute element
an empty picture frame to showcase my current favorite piece of clothing! cute ya?
photo from troprouge.blogspot,com

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  1. Sigh I dream of having a similar closet one day! Such a luxury but such an absolutely joy it would be to have. Ah girly dream :)