Thursday, March 15, 2012

*bragging rights* 7th Manila Surfers' Cup

Last March 10-11, the Manila Surfers' Association held the 7th Manila Surfers' Cup in La Union. It was a two day event with great surfing action, free ice cream, awesome music and sunshine. Thank God we were blessed with consistent waves the entire 2 days!

The waves were actually kinda big sometimes so I got semi-stressed. Hahahaha! Who likes small relaxed waves? *raises hand*

check out Kage Gozun's blog and Lokal Soul for their take on the events during the weekend
{check out these photos too!}
Blunt Magazine's Scenes from the Union
and the official event album from the Manila Surfers' Association 

As for me, I think I earned some bragging rights, ya? :)
The judges Rey, Mickey, Lemon Surfstar,representative from one of the event's sponsors VansPh, le me, Mooney Castillo of Aloha Boardsports, head judge Archie Martinez, and MSA President Tonet Jose.
Awarded for winning both the women's longboard and shortboard invitational divisions of the competition!

Before paddling out for the longboard heat, we were asked to pose for a photo.
And girls being girls, we started chatting. hahahaha

I borrowed my friend Echo's board for the shortboard heat
since I left mine in Manila! Thanks Jing!

a small spray. Seeing yourself in photos and videos certainly make you see where you can improve more. note to self: twist that body more and reach your left hand back!

And of course my favorite surfer won too! Buji won the Men's Longboard Invitational division.
Here he shows everyone how to work the board's nose. 


A small price to pay for surfing glassy point breaks. But it's still ouch. 
Worst part? Getting sand inside the cuts!

It was a great weekend with friends and lots of surf. And also importantly, it showed that Manila Surfers are certainly improving! Thanks again MSA and to the La Union Surf Club for always supporting us!



  1. yes you do. you earned it NIKKI!!! AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :-)

  2. congratulations, nikki! you're the only beautiful surfer i know (of course, aside from me, joke!) haha! but really, you inspire me.

    i hope those cuts would heal soon. =)

    1. aww thanks! :) hahaha and my foot as good as new!