Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surf Kalikasan

If you're a surfer, you know this problem... you're at the mercy of mother nature. Both in the sense that She may give you massive waves or teeny tiny ripples. This is what happened to us last July 20-21 in La Union. The Manila Surfers' Association together with Maui & Sons organized a southswell surf comp. But, again, if you're a surfer from the Philippines, you know how unpredictable south swells are in Luzon.

True enough, the surf forecast said we would be getting 4-5 foot swells that weekend, so therefore MSA said the contest is a go! But wait! when we got to La Union... It. Was. (almost) Flat. Horror.

But being true blue troopers, the MSA crew made the most out of what waves God gave us and we all had a pretty good time. :)

see? TINY.
(photo from My Life on Board)

with the shortboard invitational finalist Thereze Lumdang & Champ Tin-tastic!! 

And thanks to my ever trusty LOG, i was able to catch some good ones during that almost flat spell... i got a new board! Thanks MSA & Maui!

For more photos, check these links out!

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