Thursday, October 3, 2013

surf shack

I apologize for my lack of posts, my life has quite been uninteresting lately with a lot of work and deadlines and more work, only with the occasional midweek glass of wine or glass of beer. You can follow me on instagram and see how I try capture a wee bit of "intersting-ness" in these mundane moments. Such is an architect's life. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! However, photos and stories of blueprints and tile sourcing are not very blog worthy I think. 

Anyway, I came across this article thru my friend Kiddo and I wanted to share it with you. And I think...I think I found my dream house. Moreover, it combines two of the things I like most -- cozy, pretty homes and one of my ultimate surf idols, Kassia Meador. (If you don't know how much I love her, please click here and here)

When I was younger (and jaded?) and was a student of architecture, I would dream big and hope to design mansions and buildings and the like, and of course, my dream home was a huge house made of glass and steel overlooking the city with fancy cars in the garage. But as I got old(er) and especially when I became a surfer, my view of the perfect home changed. I now long for a seaside home, not big, but not tiny, just cozy. Wooden floors, with the morning and afternoon sun shining thru big windows, a surf rack, and bikes in the garage. Ok, maybe a Range Rover in the garage wouldn't hurt. *wink*

In this article from, Kassia talks about her home in Sta. Monica and how she loves having space for her dog Iruka, and being able to walk to anywhere she wants to go. It's basically my dream house, in reality. Everything about it is perfection -- the colored stucco walls, the potted cacti, the hammock, the old school range. I would love to live in a very similar shack next door. Of course being Kassia's neighbor wouldn't hurt. :) 

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  1. Would be great to see you living next door to Kassia built with your own design. :) And it wassss freakin good too that you have met her in person. I wish to meet her too. \m/

    xx aurora