Monday, January 2, 2012

razzle dazzle

As I said in a previous post (here), I absolutely love the holidays! Besides celebrating Jesus and celebrating the New Year, December for me is just filled with...well filled! Doing some last minute shopping for Christmas gifts, wrapping them, thinking of food to prepare for Christmas dinners, going to Christmas dinners and spending time with my family and friends. And of course I love the food  and (airhead alert) I love dressing up this time of the year!

(disclaimer: long photo post. my December in photos)

First up is going to the Sebastian's Christmas bash! Thanks lovely sisters for hosting! And yes, this is their house. Beautiful! Looks and feels like a resort. :) The food was great, we had Vietnamese spring rolls, sausages and corn on the grill, spicy chorizo pasta, wine, etc. I couldn't stop eating!
with my best friend Nina  and my now official Christmas cloche hat
at the Sebastian Christmas bash - photo by  Joncy Sumulong

The Sebastian place- photo by Charlie Gomez

Christmas dinner with my crazy college friends was cancelled unfortunately but of course I can't NOT see my bestest college buds! So Sui, Gel and I had lunch together with the little angel Amara! :)

amara's presents!

Our good friend Jericho Rosales celebrated the 15th year of his career by holding a free concert for everyone. Naturally we were there to enjoy good music and then celebrate with him afterwards. 

photo by Charlie Gomez
tita Angeli's impromptu feast! - photo by Charlie Gomez
photo by Charlie Gomez
photo by Charlie Gomez

Noche Buena is traditionally celebrated at our house. Nothing fancy, just enough food and catching up with immediate family, and of course, presents! Nothing beats waiting for midnight to come to start ripping open the gifts! #childAtHeart


my bro by the presents - Noche Buena
(photo by me)
Christmas = Eggnog!

Christmas Day is spent with my dela Paz clan. And by clan I mean, CLAN! This year, it was at my tito's newly built house (which Libarnes + dela Paz Architecture designed, thankyouverymuch).

still a bit empty living room. First furniture up? the Christmas tree :)

out door patio

look at the lower right corner of the photo. See those ribs? 
THEY ARE THE BEST! (ribs by Tito Ernan & Tita Ollie Paz)

Part of the dela Paz family tradition at Christmas is to make pa-pila. The adults sit on a chair while the kids line up to receive pamasko. :) A small of way to sharing. This was my first year to sit on the pila throne! I remember when I was a kid, this was the highlight of the party! Then getting home and counting how many 5, 10, and 20 peso bills I collected then get super excited when it amounts to more than P200! (yes, when I was a kid, we had 5 peso bills.)

New Year is usually spent either in Cebu or with my mom's side of the family. This year we were in Paranaque to welcome 2012 with the Arce clan. Good food, laughter and watching fireworks. :)

garden party

christmas village

me and my cousin Martin

light fountain

a heavy dollop of dazzle for new year :)

the last month of 2011 was truly razzle-ing and dazzling!
Cheers to 2012! Happy New Year


  1. niks this is so fun to read!!! love it. nice to look back on this when Christmas 2012 comes around....I love your rust orangey pleated skirt & razzle dazzle blouse! :-) all the photos give off a warm feeling all over again! *siiiiiiigh* I love Christmas holidays. :-)

  2. I wanted to include photos of christmas shopping and wrapping presents but I didn't have pala!