Wednesday, May 16, 2012

room(s) with a view

Of course we all dream of a room in the house where we can just back relax and enjoy a nice view. Whether it be your living room, porch, bedroom, etc. Of course if the location permits, we want a huge picture window overlooking the ocean, mountains, watching the sunset or sunrise.

But I like seeing rooms/spaces that are usually just tucked in a corner somewhere, and turning it into a light airy space...which you can actually hang out in.

not just a normal bookshelf
We usually just put a bookshelf against our wall and maybe a seat and lamp beside it as our reading space. Here, a nice little nook is turned into a reading nook with an awesome view. I could stay here for hours on end! I'd just make the cushions more on the plush fluff side and put a coffee maker somewhere. #javajunkie

As I mentioned in my post here, i am against designing (walk-in) closets that are usually just a closed box where we store clothes and stuff.
{like so}

But if I had the space (and money) to make a walk-in-closet, I'd go all out.
photo from anduyarchi
I love a walk in closet where you can sit while choosing clothes! And a nice full window wouldn't hurt either.

Although modern kitchen designs are already embracing kitchens are comfortable rooms also, more often, kitchens are still just slapped against a wall opting for more storage/work space than windows.

Stainless Steel Combined in Modern Wooden Kitchen Inspiration Modern Wooden Kitchen Inspiration
photo from designomah

and here's something for a car-lover!!
photo from home-designing

a garage with an AWESOME view!
garage top
photo from home-designing

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  1. i want that glass & concrete house!!! no nonsense materials & design. love it.