Friday, February 15, 2013

navy forest

photo from Sam V

photo from Sam V

my two musketeers Nina & Kim

Last Spetember, when I found out we were being invited to our friends' Pao & Sam's wedding in Feb, I sort of thought of what I wanted to wear already but said "Nah, that's still in February. More than enough time to buy or have a dress made."

Fast forward to end of January, panic mode. Good thing my friend Tin has a closet full of goodness. I raided her hangers one day (along with my fellow musketeer Kim - watch our for her outfit post on this on!) and found this simple yet elegant gem from Zara. And it's also satisfying to my recent color obsession! It's a light gray chiffon tube with navy blue water color-esque forest print, and a deep navy blue lining. 

Did my own hair and thanks to youtube tutorials, I was able to do a messy chignon by myself. Not bad Niks. *patsselfonback Also did my own makeup - opted for a clean face, just mascara and bronze blush, with a deep plum lip. 

dress: HouseOfTin (hahaha); shoes: Aldo; clutch: Mom; lippy: Maybelline refined wine, silver accessories: gifted

not your typical bathroom photo. kimjonesyoucrazy!

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