Friday, February 1, 2013

of birthdays and beer

celebrating my last night being a 28 year old...
by drinking draft beer! (and yes maybe a glass of wine...)

jeans: Bench, top: Reborn, pumps, Steve Madden

every year, I always want to celebrate my birthday but I end up always not really planning anything. This year, after much thinking and internal debate, I decide on meeting up with some friends at Draft Gastropub in the Fort Strip to buy them a round of Hoe(garden)s.

I love spending my birthdays with my best bunch! And what more running into more friends while were at it? Lots of babies, celebrity sightings and exes weirdly alternating arrivals and departures, my birthday salubong at draft was a a fun one :)

some people dread their birthdays coming up. But it's not about age you know. It's about celebrating your life. So here's to more birthdays and beers to come!!!

next year it's the big 3-0!!!!

{all photos by the photographer extraodinaire Charlie Gomez
please check out his portfolio at}

1 comment:

  1. *siiiiiiiigh* really, all of charlie's photos...they just make any occasion better & beautiful-er!!! hehehe. wait lang...bakit ang fierce ni Bunsoy Joncy.

    HAD FUN at your bday Nikki! Saktong-sakto lang lahat :-) good times!