Tuesday, September 13, 2011

color obsession: white

inspired by one of my best friends' blog post about her fashion obsessions/frustrations here, here is one of my own :)

White is my absolute favorite clothing color. It looks so fresh and relaxed, and especially since we are water babies, white looks absolutely gorgeous on our sun-kissed skin!

photo from garancedore.fr

photo from garancedore.fr
This is my forever frustration, a white pantsuit!! I wanna have one made, maybe a 3-piece set for formal occasions? I love how this girl wore a denim shirt and chucks to casual-ize her outfit. :)

photo from garancedore.fr
This outfit, I absolutely love :) An easy white summer dress, comfy sandals, and an awesome handbag. See that cute little drawstring bag?? It's so perfect with it's aqua pop and tan/camel details, my absolute favorite combo - as I've said in my other color obsession here. I want to wear this everyday!

And since we live in the tropics, i think it's safe to say that the do-not-wear-white-after-labor-day-rule does not apply to us. Summer all year! :)
and besides, rules scmules right? Even if we did have fall & winter seasons, I'd still wear white.

photo from fabsugar

is this my version of winter white? haha
photo from marvin

Tan line shman line! Show off that beautiful brown skin!!!

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