Sunday, September 18, 2011

i *heart* nail art

I believe that nails are part of your outfit and can sometimes make or break your whole look. I was--WAS!--more of a nude or red polish kind of girl until I read Tammy's blog post about shatter polish. Since then I have started browsing through blogs about nail art and found it really interesting!

so thanks to Tammy, I am now obsessed with OPI Shatter. It is applied over whatever nail polish you have on, and literally shatters to reveal the color beneath it. Kinda cool actually.

white and silver OPI shatter over a teal, coral, and gold glitter polish.

This takes me back to 5th or 6th grade where I just started using nail polish. And when I couldn't decide which color to wear, I would just wear a different color on each finger! hahaha

But, no, I am not going out of the house like this. Just trying on different combinations of the shatter polish.

Easy instant nail art! yey!

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