Monday, September 26, 2011


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One of my surf idols is Kassia Meador (pronounced Cass-yah Med-her. Apparently her name is Greek, and in an interview she was asked to finally say how it is pronounced because people always get it wrong!). 

She is the queen of cool and radness and I just love her! She is so graceful on her logs as well as shorter boards like fishies.


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I like also like her style out of the water!  She always looks cool and funky with her relaxed loose tops and her awesome beach styled hair!

She also loves shooting film photographs and is an artist. Talk about talent!


photo from Sambazon
Kassia is also part of the Keep A Breast (KAB) campaign. And what could be a more effective way of spreading breast cancer awareness than living a healthy, fun, surfer lifestyle? Not to mention being one with nature and being environmentally aware. How rad is that?!

And together with KAB and Captain Fin. Co., she designed and created Kassia's Hooters Fin! :) I would totally get this fin if it were not out of stock. As the Capt. Fin website said, "Every Hooters fin purchased lets everyone in the lineup see that you support boobies. We support em. The Hooters fin from Captain Fin Co is here for a good laugh when you need it...when you're noseriding." :)

This fin also goes with the owl fever trend!! Just like what Nina said in her blog post
Dear Capt. Fin, please restock this soon?


Check out to see her surf adventures, travels, art and photography.


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