Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year

gingerbread house made for me by
my friend Cathy

i love Christmas! I know some people who as they grew older, lost the wonder and excitement around this holiday. Not me. I love reading and re-reading stories of the birth of baby Jesus (although I know Dec 25 is not really his birthday...), hearing Christmas carols, thinking about what to cook during Noche Buena, and as far as I'm concerned, Christmas shopping is fun! I love thinking about the perfect presents to give to the people that matter most. They need not be expensive ones, but I try (try!) to get them something they will truly appreciate. I can do without the traffic, but I love the hustle and bustle in malls, tiangges, food markets, etc. 

And who doesn't love the break from the warmth of the rest of our year? Waking up early and walking around the house while keeping my socks and sweater on, even for just a couple of hours? Simple joy.

Kapuluan Vista Resort's native christmas tree (dec 2010)

And okay, it might be a little shallow, but Christmas sort of becomes a reason for friends (old & new) to get together and just celebrate and catch up.

surfer girls having shoju + yakult! (christmas 2009)

with my kinky monkeys! (christmas 2009)

and of course it's all about being with your family :)

us in Marco Polo in Cebu (holidays 2010)

Anyway, all I really wanted to say was I'm excited for Christmas! Time to make my Noche Buena menu. Suggestions?

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