Friday, December 2, 2011

nine things: nina

This is my soul sister Nina! She's one AWESOME interior designer, one of the funnest surf buddies and one of my best friends. We discovered each other a few years ago and have become inseparable since. We are too alike!

Here are her nine current obsessions :)

  1. learning how to noseride effortlessy (or at least looking like I'm not trying)
    1. Japanese subway tile for my projects. It's sooooo hard to look for it in Manila!
    2. To bangs or not to bangs?
    3. the FANTASTIC windows at Bergdorf-Goodman located at 5th Ave in NYC. (more photos here)
    4. Snowflakes cupcakes that i plan to bake/ give away for Christmas. I hope it happens!
    5. the body of Behati Prinsloo! she's been a regular desktop wallpaper, alternating between kassia meador & beyonce for thin-spiration!
    6. the monochromatic wardrobe palette of Karen Walker
    7. The hypnotic & captivating (well, at least for me) art of Nena Saguil
    8. and of course, i obsess about my Takayama because I'm always counting the days til I get to ride & play w/ it again in the ocean! :-)

    check out nina's blog!


    1. awwww cool series you started here niks! and yes, "discovered each other & have become inseparable since..." HAHAHA how true! Btw dapat ikaw nalang nilagay ko na photo sa noseriding eh...."i obsess how to noseride like NdP!!!" aylabyu :-)

    2. Weird my comment a few days ago didn't show! Japanese subway tiles are way cool. Amy and I both like Behati Prinsloo, too! (Mutual crush haha)

    3. kiddo! I promise to share Behati w/ you and Amy. hahaha! surf w/ you soon...again! :-)