Friday, December 16, 2011

nine things: cathy

I have known Cathy since I was 4. Wow, 23 years of friendship! We've gone through LOTS of ups and downs (downs like her poking my eye with a pencil in kinder, downs like boy troubles! haha...or ups like scream therapies while driving thru the city). We don't always like the same things, and move around the same circles nowadays but as my fellow kulot, she's one of the few people who truly know me inside out and will never judge me no matter what.

here are her current obsessions :)

  1. All I want for Christmas is Jennifer Meyer's "C" Pendant Necklace.
  2. Korea! I cannot wait to go back: food + fashino + culture + advencha = win. The beauty products are awesome as well. BB Cream changed my life, hahaha, lately, a good part of my saturdays are spent in a Korean language certificate course. Annyeong haseyo!
  3. Silhouette cameo -- my newest baby. I'm a paper craft geek and this die cutting machine works wonders.
  4.  Extremely Close & Incredibly Loud (Jonathan Safran Foer). I Had to read it again after catching the trailer of the movie version to remind me of what I loved about it.
  5. Alain de Botton's tweets. ( Daily words of wisdom in 160 characters or less from on of my favorite thinkers.
  6. This look. Working my way towards that hair color and gravitating to mostly browns and neutrals for clothes. (photo from
  7. Trader Joe's chocolate crisps. I. Just. Can't. Stop.
  8. Nature Republic's Extreme Liquid Eyeline. Nothing compares, this is my weapon of choice.
  9. - love the stuff you can find there! when (ha!) I find the time, I want to make and sell stuff there too! :)

cathy & i, then and now :)

Check out Cathy's tumblr at

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