Friday, December 23, 2011

fashion illustration

(disclaimer: long photo post)

when i was a kid, i loved to draw girls in pretty outfits and dresses and beautiful shoes and then take my crayola and put some color into them.

i sort of regret that i never continued to do it and develop my own style of illustration. maybe partly because college was full of drawing line and more lines as i learned to design houses... maybe. I dunno. Is it too late to start sketching and drawing again and create my own style?

this is why i enjoy following bloggers who do fashion illustrations.

1. Garance Dore. Her style is my favorite by far. Her drawings look rough yet sleek at the same time. And the way she just highlights one or two colors is genius. (trivia, she is the girlfriend of Scott Schuman of theSartorialist and they both photograph street style)


2. Lula (The Subject I Know Best). The catoonish elegant faces of her illsutrations are closer to the sketches I (try to) do. I love how she mixes real looking photos of materials and fabrics to her drawings. And what's interesting is when she lula-fies famous people whether they may be famous in the fashion, music or film industry or just plain famous!

Lula as herself

...still herself.

i love lula!

3. Sophie Griotto. Again, the style of it being rough yet totally sleek won me over.

4. Inslee. I used to have just three fashion illustrators that I follow but thanks to my good friend Kim and her nine current obsessions, I discovered Inslee. Her style is so classic yet fresh!

here's a sample of a fashion illustration by me when i was 5 years old. hahaha

ya, i think i'm gonna start drawing again. :P



  1. seriously??? you drew those paper girls drawing hands??? awwwwwwww that is so cute! what's up w/ the lighting boots niks! :-)

    kaka-aliw the illustration on Alexa Chung---my idol! and also, I love Garance's style best too. wish i could draw humans w/ that much confidence!

  2. Wauwwww this is so amazing! You have a itt

    xx From the Netherlands
    Twitter: @Mouniaaa20