Thursday, December 22, 2011

nine things: kim

I haven't known Kim for a long time but I really enjoy her company! She's easy to be with and so fun and just  such a cool girl. Not to mention gorgeous! She has a show on ETC called Etcetera which features stuff about style, beauty, tv, web & youth. Really cool so check it out!

x   Here are her current obsessions   x

  1. Madeleine Peyroux - she makes me feel like I'm somewhere in France next to a fireplace.
  2. Christmas fairy lights. Goes well when paired with my first obsession.
  3. Morocco- I have wanted to visit there for the longest time! 2012 perhaps :)
  4. Maxi skirts/dresses - my go to outfit when I'm feeling yucky/lazy (thanks for my latest addition to my wardrobe nix)
  5. Learning Tagalog!! Yes I'm obsessed. I want to know already!
  6. Chamomile tea - nothing caps off a long day like a warm mug of tea!
  7. Fresh flowers - underrated! I love walking into my condo with the smell/sight of fresh flowers greeting me!
  8. Moroccan Oil..mostly because it's Moroccan but it does actually work wonders for my hair!
  9. Inslee. Love her work, she inspires my own watercolor paintings.

check out Kim's blog at


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