Monday, December 5, 2011

wine, shoes, & no-goodbyes-only-see-you-later

Last Tuesday, we had a small gathering at Ninyo, a cozy fine dining restaurant, to wish our good friends from California goodbye -- but as Ian said, "No goodbyes, only see you later."

Ninyo is located along E. Abada St, Quezon City (near Ateneo)

Carla Laus (photo by Allen Aligam)
Dinner was pasta vongole for me (oh heaven!), and a promo on wine was given to us by our good friend and Ninyo co-owner Carla Laus. Great food + wine at a discount + great company? Pretty good combo I say.

Friends were interested in checking out and learning about Zamora Boards. Good thing one person this despedida is for is Ian Zamora, the shaper those fine wave sleds. So they got to quiz the guy personally! 

the boyf - buji of Coast Thru Life

And of course, as most girls do, we gravitated toward each other and chatted the night away. I noticed that the ladies were well soled that night! I had to take photos of pretty feet :)

clockwise from bottom left: leopard print on NdP, straps on Sui
and suede shoes on Gel

golden straps on pretty feet of Nica & Amy

black bound feet of MissJones & Sui

nica, me, gel, miss jonesy, sui & mia

Food, wine, and friends are never a bad combination. To our friends from California, see you soon! And to Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and wine lounge, see you soon too! *stomach rumbles*

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