Friday, December 9, 2011

nine things: tamara

Tamara, a make up artist and stylish gal who can pass as my sister, shares my love for fashion and love for the ocean. We've gone on countless unforgettable road trips together with our families and laughed about the shallowest crazy things. :p

- Here are her nine current obsessions -

  1. This one's pretty obvious: Makeup! (forever obsession hehe)
  2. Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea (this is the best milk tea i've tasted so far! try it!)
  3. Getting my first tattoo (still thinking of what to get but i know i need to get it soon:p)
  4. Re-decorating my room (project with you ate nix! ;) ) 
  5. helping my mom start up her pastry business (watch out for this one! :>)
  6. Youtube Makeup tutorials. If i need instant inspiration, youtube never fails! so many talented makeup gurus on there. my favorites: The Pixiwoo sisters and Lisa Eldridge. Check them out :)
  7. TV series. Current loves: 2 Broke Girls, Vampire Diaries, and New Girl. 
  8. Hawaii- I'm just so in love with this state! It's really paradise :) plus my sister and her family lives her so more reason to visit!
  9. Travelling- It is my greatest dream to travel around the world. I have wanderlust in my veins! But before heading out to other countries, I'd love to travel around the Philippines first. our country has so many beautiful and magnificent places! Cant wait :D 

check out tam's blog!

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  1. YAYYYY so flattered you featured me here ate nix :"> hang out soon please! Im on break na starting next week, thursday :D