Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12 photos

A look at my 2012 in 12 photos.

(1)January, my family and I went on a Southeast Asian cruise.
(2) February, my very good friend Tin got married.
(3)March, I met Bindy Baggs.
(4)April, INDIA
(5)May, Calaguas
(6)June, PULAG
(7)July, found fun in indoor climbing again
(8)August, HongKong!
(9)September, 2nd place in the Oakley Longboard Invitational
(10)October, surf & music fest in LU.
(11)November, just full of (i hate this word) epic surf.
(12)December, I met my new water sled, SAGE.

Oh 2012, you were indeed a good year. 2013 better be up for the challenge!
Thanks to everyone who made my 2012 one to remember!

Happy New Year!


  1. lovely photos..looks really fun for your 2012! :) Happy New Year! Wishing u more surf sesh this 2o13! \m/


  2. Great year Nikki! Love your photos! Sana I can learn to surf din kaso baka learn to swim muna haha. Happy2013! :)