Friday, January 11, 2013

lusting after...

... this dressing room. But I'll change the ottoman into a plush lounging chair or even a bean bag or a hammock. And I will not be owning only black white and grey clothing. And no golf bag. I'll put a bag or hat stand instead. Or a lamp. And I'll put some artwork to make it more into a dressing ROOM rather than just a walk-in-closet.

... and this vanity table. But I'll tweak it again by not putting it in an old-fashioned room. the same table, mirror and lamp in a modern room (see dressing room above), a more modern floral piece.

... this coffee table-slash-fireplace. Why didn't I think of this???
from here
I also want it to be cold enough so we actually DO need a fireplace.


And because of my good friend Tin, I can't stop thinking about these high top wedges!!!

my backpack obsession still hasn't been satisfied.
coach leather backpack

...this American Apparel high waisted slim fit jeans.

dear American Apparel, y u no ship to the philippines?

... this oh so dazzling sequined maxi skirt. I know the holidays are over but maybe save it for the 2013 holiday season? :) 
DIY sequin maxi skirt (from here)

from here

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things (right now). I don't think the dressing room's doable unless I buy a house. hahaha

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