Thursday, June 7, 2012

i dig my toes onto the sand

My family and I went back to Calaguas in the middle of May. This was our third time on this little piece of paradise and I was happy to see that it has not degraded that much. I say that much since from the time when we first came back in 2009 and the year after that, till now, a lot of people already know about the place. And I mean a lot.

Good thing that we timed the start of our trip on a Sunday and we were to be on the island during weekdays. When we arrived, there were about a hundred people or more on the beach! Ouch! My bro Enzo and I were a bit disappointed since we were looking forward to having the beach to ourselves. But our bangkero assured us that everyone would be heading back to the mainland since it's a Sunday and we'd still have the beach to ourselves. yey!

4 days spent on a deserted island, with your family, and nothing to think about other than enjoying the beauty of nature.  #emo

The Calaguas tour package includes the boat ride from daet to the island, rent of tents, and 3 meals a day! They'll cook for you and clean up so you don't really have to worry about anything!

Paolo found a friend on the island. Beach puppy!



  1. Hello! Were'd you aail of the calaguas tour package? thanks!

    1. from Melvic Brinas :)