Monday, June 18, 2012

Pulag 2.0

my brother and I went up to Mt. Pulag in 2010 and we both have been wanting to go back! It's really a check on the bucket list type of thing and we wanted our dad - the promotor of the dela paz advenchas - to experience it too.

Finally, we were able to go again last May 26-28. :)

We took Tito Dwaki's pick-up from Manila to Baguio then eventually to Mt. Pulag Ranger Station.

We started our climb the next day and made it to camp just in time before the light rain
and extreme cold came!

We bunkered in our tent and froze a bit but we were able to have a nice dinner of instant noodles, some tuna sandwich and my instant tinapa flavored sardines. not bad! The next day, we woke up at 3am to start the assault to the summit so we can watch the sunrise from the peak.

And wow, was it gorgeous.

my feet, on top of Luzon's highest peak :)

After about an hour and a half, we headed back down to our camp to have breakfast.

the boys heating water for our coffee. aaaah...sarap!

We then headed to Baguio to get some ube jam before the long but nice drive back to Manila.

Till next time Mt. Pulag!! :)

Recently, more and more climbers are going up the mountain and when we were briefed at the DENR office, the park rangers said that we were lucky we went up on a weekday but if we were climbing on a weekend, it is best to make a reservation before heading up to Pulag since the mountain cannot handle so many people. The summit can accommodate about 100people, but they get almost 300 climbers on a weekend!

To make a reservation,
call Mering of DENR Mt. Pulag