Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My good friend (and director of photography / cinematographer thankyouverymuch) Dibs Trofeo told me about his new high end karinderya called Sogbu. I've been quite busy with work and family outings the past few weeks so it was only last week he was able to drag me to the place.

It's on a quiet little corner along Bonny Serando Ave. in Quezon City. The design is so raw yet polished. Good job Dibs! :) And the food?? YUM! I can't wait to go back with some more friends!

Here's their first draft menu and it's good!!!

 I got to try the Aligue pasta and crispy kare kare! So delicious! :)

Can't wait to try all the dishes here! :)

thanks for lunch dibs!!

sogbu is indeed = busog!!

Sogbu's facebook page

SOGBU is at
No.1, 12th Avenue corner Col.  Bonny Serano (Santolan Road)
Barangay Socorro, QC


  1. nice name for a restaurant. :)

  2. kamust naman yung tanke ni Diboy sa labas? that place is hard to miss. hahahaha!