Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elise & Mark's summer love affair

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim: Zara dress, Aldo heels; me: Forever21 dress, Charles & Keith wedges
At the end of March, Buji's sister, Dr. Elise Libarnes, got married. She wed her super bait and super kulit boyfriend Arch. Mark Ouano. It was such a beautiful summer themed wedding! During that entire week, it was raining and gloomy everyday, but luckily the sun was out on their wedding day. :)
(photo by buji brownlegs)Elise & her groom Mark

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim and I goofing around in the church. It's a shame I wasn't able to take a photo of the back of Kim's dress! It's got a low v at the back. So nice & classy :) And excuse me for the open-mouth look. haha 

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim being extra tall because of her new Aldos :)

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim why are you so gorgeous? And yes, whattaface again from me. And whatta calves.

(photo by ndp)
our handsome dates :)

"Welcome to Elise & Mark's summer love affair"
(photo from my feed)
Welcoming the guests at the reception in Mango Farm, Antipolo, was this cute sign.

The tables were given names of places the couple has been,or where they wish to travel in the future.
(photo from my feed)
we were sat in the Ting-Init (Cebuano) table, conveniently beside the buffet table. Thanks Elise! :)

The couple had set up a photo booth outside the reception hall. Of course we goofed around some more!
(photo from my feed)

Congratulations & Best Wishes Elise and Mark! :) love you guys!

with the bride's family; Auntie Ludy, Dr. Libarnes, Miguel, mother-of-the-bride Tita Beth, Elise & Mark, Buj and le me.
(photo by Lissa Marie Ouano-Sheker)

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