Sunday, April 22, 2012


GT House | Fona LaShay

this room is just PERFECT in my opinion. wow.

I'm absolutely loving the raw concrete accents and exposed piping. So industrial chic! The space is softened form the masculinity of the concrete and pipes by those little colorful pillows and minimalist art. And I also love how the frames were arranged in an asymmetrical way. :) 


This element I almost always use whenever I design. Not the brick wall per se but how the brick wall is part of the inside and outside, only cut (almost seamlessly) by a glass panel or sliding door.


The closet shows that obviously this is a man's room but I adore it! Check our the little flash of green from the pocket garden through the toilet!


And what a clever way of arranging your books on the shelf!

I am in love with this space.

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