Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I first saw Lagu when a friend posted a photo of it on facebook along with a link to their website and I've wanted to get one. It's basically a sand repellent blanket. 

Why sand repellent? Simple, the more people there are on the beach, the more sand gets eroded away. The more sand gets eroded, less beach. :(

An average beach goer unintentionally takes away a handful of sand every time he/she leaves the beach. Multiply that to the number of tourists on Philippine beaches and it's no wonder the shorelines are receding. 

I got my Lagu a few weeks ago and was excited to use it when we went to Baler last weekend. Thanks Amanda Lapus for hooking me up with this! :)

This may be just a small thing to do to help beach (and environmental) conservation, but hey! as they say "a little goes a long way."

Lagu is available in a bunch of summer-y colors :) 
shop on their site!

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