Thursday, April 19, 2012

sunrise surfing

After not being able to surf for exactly a month, I was turning light-skinned and itching to be in the ocean! Last week, we were monitoring the surf forecast websites and they only showed swell coming in the east side of the Philippines. Baler. 

I admit, I almost didn't go since I know that usually, waves in Baler are more enjoyable to shortboarders than longboarders and smurfers like me. {smurf - in Manila surf slang means small wave surfer}

After much thinking, I decided to join Buji, Jeff and Lorraine to the drive to Baler. I thought worst case scenario, if the waves were too gnarly and wild for me, I can at least take out my Lagu beach blanket and just lay on the beach and get some sun. But was I wrong!

photo from Coast Thru Life

We arrived in Sabang beach, Baler at around 7am Saturday morning. When we looked at the beach break, it was so clean and glassy and just peeling that we just checked in our room, didn't even unpack, just changed into our bikinis and boardshorts, and raced to Aliya Surf Camp to paddle out on the right hander in front of the resort. To say this was one of my best Baler surf trips is an understatement. 

buji brownlegs chilling on his longboard's nose

me, cross stepping

Besides the surf, Roy Angara of Aliya Surf Camp had a feast prepared for us. And when I say feast, I mean FEAST! Crabs, buttered lobster, shrimp, lots of fish... it was seafood heaven! Our friend Dimo even said that in the States, meals like this would cost $300!

imagine this times 10. O_o

The following day, Buj and I took turns taking video of each other surfing. :) I (finally!) unpacked my Lagu and we set up a perch by the beach. Recording surf clips maybe isn't as fun as surfing itself but it's not that bad if you've got great tunes to keep you happy. :) And it feels like you're watching a surf video!

buji using my Lagu as a tent

watch out for the short surf and lifestyle video of this trip that 
buji brownlegs and coast thru life are working on! I'll be posting the video here soon!

random pics of our Baler weekend:

Buji with rock-man Franco Reyes.

lunching at the rolling store with Buji and Lor


Bye Baler! See you next time!


  1. looks dreamy, Niks! Love that you are "friends" with Baler again. hahaha sana ako din! I want to experience good waves at Baler. Never had any. Sunset peelers wow!