Thursday, July 28, 2011

fan girl

The single most terrifying yet amazing moment of my life. O_o -fangirl.
And yes. I totally choked.

color obsession: aqua

I absolutely love this color! Maybe because I am just drawn to anything that reminds me of the ocean, but this is color is just gorgeous.

But it's such a striking hue that it's perfect for those little pops of color in your accessories -- nails, your handbag, maybe some blue/aqua contacts for the more adventurous. :)

my turquoise faux suede flats I got in SM dep't store :) bargain win!

belt and sunglasses.

wearing my aqua belt with a grey dress during philippine fashion week, holiday2011.

have a pop of color!


Monday, July 25, 2011

simple joys

"Surfers seem much happier and more appreciative of what life gives them. We don’t need much — just a board, some waves, and a few friends to share the joy of surfing with."
Summer Romero