Saturday, January 26, 2013

not quite twins

photo by Charlie Gomez {Boracay 2012}
I have this friend. Her name is Nina. She is my best friend, we get each other all the time without having to explain ourselves, we laugh at the shallowest things, we both love the ocean, we both love design, we enjoy our food, chug a pint of draft beer with ease, we love dressing up as much as dressing down in swimsuits... well you get my point. Basically, she's the Pinoy-Japanese version of me.

So here are some photos showing how since we are so much alike, we sort of tend to dress the same the same time...WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER. {note: photo above: both wearing tube tops and sunnies (feb 2012)}

(fyi, all of these are UNPLANNED matching. kthxbye)

photo by Charlie Gomez 

December 2012 {LRI}

february 2009 - notice same colored well as facial expression {Fiveforty Surfshop}

all black - august 2011 {Fiamma}

wearing black again at a friend's wedding - April 2010 {Fully booked function hall}

aaaand black again last year {Eastwood bowling alley}

guess who were both wearing pink tanks under their hoodies? (dec 2009) {our apartment, San Juan LU}

and guess who's shoes were EXACTLY alike {tin's party}

both wearing white tops with black stripes ... even matching the jeepney (2012) {San Juan LU}

AAAND not to mention matching sleepwear! :) (april 2010) {KVR, pagudpud}

these are just some of the times when we dress absolutely in sync. 
I therefore conclude, Nins, are you secretly spying on me choosing my clothes? haha kidding.

love you!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Goofing off in front of the camera for my li'l bro Paolo. Offsetting the VS glitter tote with a little bit of baggy. By the way, I got the tote bag for free when I ordered online at promo codes are love!

 Our cat being like a cat and refusing to stay still

linen pants: F21; wrap top: Banana Republic, leopard flats: F21, tote: Victoria's Secret

Saturday, January 12, 2013

faux ballerina

Here's my BFF Nina and I goofing around, realizing we wore yinyang outfits. This always happens to us! Sometimes we even wear the same outfits.

tank F21, pants: H&M; flats: Posh Pocket Shoes; bag: Coach

The last time I wore a spaghetti strap tank without layering something over it was I think freshman or sophomore year - in high school! Of course I wore it with baggy jeans and a choker. With a discman in my pocket. Aaah the 90s. 

But I've recently grown fond of wearing this kind of tank again. Watch out for my delayed Christmas Day #whatiwore post and you'll see. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

lusting after...

... this dressing room. But I'll change the ottoman into a plush lounging chair or even a bean bag or a hammock. And I will not be owning only black white and grey clothing. And no golf bag. I'll put a bag or hat stand instead. Or a lamp. And I'll put some artwork to make it more into a dressing ROOM rather than just a walk-in-closet.

... and this vanity table. But I'll tweak it again by not putting it in an old-fashioned room. the same table, mirror and lamp in a modern room (see dressing room above), a more modern floral piece.

... this coffee table-slash-fireplace. Why didn't I think of this???
from here
I also want it to be cold enough so we actually DO need a fireplace.


And because of my good friend Tin, I can't stop thinking about these high top wedges!!!

my backpack obsession still hasn't been satisfied.
coach leather backpack

...this American Apparel high waisted slim fit jeans.

dear American Apparel, y u no ship to the philippines?

... this oh so dazzling sequined maxi skirt. I know the holidays are over but maybe save it for the 2013 holiday season? :) 
DIY sequin maxi skirt (from here)

from here

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things (right now). I don't think the dressing room's doable unless I buy a house. hahaha

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12 photos

A look at my 2012 in 12 photos.

(1)January, my family and I went on a Southeast Asian cruise.
(2) February, my very good friend Tin got married.
(3)March, I met Bindy Baggs.
(4)April, INDIA
(5)May, Calaguas
(6)June, PULAG
(7)July, found fun in indoor climbing again
(8)August, HongKong!
(9)September, 2nd place in the Oakley Longboard Invitational
(10)October, surf & music fest in LU.
(11)November, just full of (i hate this word) epic surf.
(12)December, I met my new water sled, SAGE.

Oh 2012, you were indeed a good year. 2013 better be up for the challenge!
Thanks to everyone who made my 2012 one to remember!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


{long photo post}

Christmas shopping time!
photo from Nina's instagram feed

Christmas tunes by Jo-B Sebastian :)

photo by charlie gomez

photo by charlie gomez

Happy New Beer!
photo from Nicola Sebastian's instagram feed

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.