Friday, March 30, 2012

a woman they call bindy

Belinda Baggs (or Bindy) is definitely, without question, the most graceful surfer i have EVER seen. My friends and I would always marvel at how effortless she surfs and how her movements -- her cross steps, her noserides -- she just... flows.

Image Detail
photo by Dane Peterson

Image Detail
photo from liquid salt magazine, by Adam Kobayashi

If you've ever seen her surf, it is really mesmerizing how amazing she is on her longboard.
So ladylike ... such style. 

Reading about her, it's wonderful that even though she's travelled the world, experienced so many things, met so many people,she's just simply happy to be able to surf and grateful for this earth, a clean ocean, and being able to surf with friends. Someone I truly aspire to be surfing and in life. :)


Imagine how star struck and excited my friends and I were when we met her. And not just met her...we actually had dinner together, and had conversation! Wow. What a dream come true!

Buji and I, and our brothers Miguel and Enzo were gonna meet them at 7pm at their hotel, but we ran a little late and got stuck in a bit of traffic. We were worried because they didn't have a local phone and we couldn't contact them to say we will be late!

We drive up to their hotel -- I was excited/nervous, of course -- and we saw them, Belinda, Adam and their son Rayson just goofing around by the lobby. We apologized for being late and to have kept them waiting, and Adam goes, "Oh, no worries at all. We were never waiting. While you guys weren't here yet, we were looking around and Rayson was just playing, so we were never waiting." 

They. Were. So. Nice. And it's true. When we drove up the hotel lobby, we saw them doing this

hahaha. so chill.

We headed to Parmigiano in Resorts World Manila to meet up with our other friends for dinner. Aside from ALL of us being star struck, we actually had an awesome time talking to them, asking her about her surf, travels and now family. :)

Rayson the cutie pie!

photo by Buji Brownlegs
That's me playing with Rayson, and trying to act all cool and not suddenly scream "I love you Belindaaaaaaaa!!"

Yes, I confess. I'm a fangirl. But how can you not be??

{all photos by me, except the first two}
{read more about Belinda Baggs on Liquid Salt Mag and Patagonia}
{watch her surf here}

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


my hair has now grew out from my pixie and I got bored with it again. hahaha
got baaaangs.

As I've had bangs before {here & here & here}, I wanted to try the fringe again.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

comma placement

It's awesome how a simple change in comma placement can alter the entire meaning of a sentence..


woman, without her man, is nothing.

Woman, without her, man is nothing.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mixed metals


{topshop silver foil shirt; Givenchy nightingale; F21 leopard flats; Vans lennon-style sunnies
bracelets from friends Nina & Jab, ring from Kimparfois owl earrings}

Buji Brownlegs' booted feet and my size nines.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

*bragging rights* 7th Manila Surfers' Cup

Last March 10-11, the Manila Surfers' Association held the 7th Manila Surfers' Cup in La Union. It was a two day event with great surfing action, free ice cream, awesome music and sunshine. Thank God we were blessed with consistent waves the entire 2 days!

The waves were actually kinda big sometimes so I got semi-stressed. Hahahaha! Who likes small relaxed waves? *raises hand*

check out Kage Gozun's blog and Lokal Soul for their take on the events during the weekend
{check out these photos too!}
Blunt Magazine's Scenes from the Union
and the official event album from the Manila Surfers' Association 

As for me, I think I earned some bragging rights, ya? :)
The judges Rey, Mickey, Lemon Surfstar,representative from one of the event's sponsors VansPh, le me, Mooney Castillo of Aloha Boardsports, head judge Archie Martinez, and MSA President Tonet Jose.
Awarded for winning both the women's longboard and shortboard invitational divisions of the competition!

Before paddling out for the longboard heat, we were asked to pose for a photo.
And girls being girls, we started chatting. hahahaha

I borrowed my friend Echo's board for the shortboard heat
since I left mine in Manila! Thanks Jing!

a small spray. Seeing yourself in photos and videos certainly make you see where you can improve more. note to self: twist that body more and reach your left hand back!

And of course my favorite surfer won too! Buji won the Men's Longboard Invitational division.
Here he shows everyone how to work the board's nose. 


A small price to pay for surfing glassy point breaks. But it's still ouch. 
Worst part? Getting sand inside the cuts!

It was a great weekend with friends and lots of surf. And also importantly, it showed that Manila Surfers are certainly improving! Thanks again MSA and to the La Union Surf Club for always supporting us!


Friday, March 9, 2012

early bird?

the early bird may get the worm...

but the second mouse gets the cheese.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

sunshine, white sand, and a beautiful wedding

{disclaimer: long photo post}

waiting to check-in for Manila-Kalibo flight.
photo from my feed

Last Feb 24-27, we were in Boracay. Although I'm sure my fellow wave sliders and I regrettably left our surfboards behind, we were also all excited to just unwind, hang out and most of all share a very special event, Tin & Eric's wedding! And what a wedding it was!

And I admit I have expressively said and shown my distaste for the place since it has become commercialized and has mostly lost the appeal of a serene beach getaway. But if you're in the right spot (station 1??) and are with an awesome group of people, it ain't all bad!

One cannot argue though... this white sand beach is AMAZING.

It really does feel like powder beneath your toes...

We spent four days there and basically hung out, ate, swam, drank, hung out...then repeat daily. haha First day was Charlie's birthday so we had a nice dinner and a few drinks after.

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved
 The next day was spent -- how else? -- by the ocean. Just relaxing and playing. The only way to spend a day at the beach :)

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved

my two musketeers Nina & Kim
photo by Lorraine Lapus

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved 

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved 
Lorraine, Kim & Nina 
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved
a little futbol never hurt :) well yea it kinda hurt coz buji kicked lorraine and kim kept stubbing her toes and now she's limping. but hey! still fun! :) And yes, I did want to play but i was wearing a bandeau bikini (and I have no idea how Kim did it) but I was scared to have a wardrobe malfunction. 

Buj and Joey Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved

photo by Lorraine Lapus

That evening was spent wolfing down eat all you can Mongolian rice bowl and Tin & Eric's booze all you can luau. O_o
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved 
Yes! we finally see the bride!! And what a gorgeous bride she is. :)
and yes that's me whatta face-ing in the background.
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved
Lui + Pao = instant comedy show
photo by Lorraine Lapus

 The following day was the day of the wedding. And thank you God for the sunshine! Since the event was in the afternoon, we decided to go on a paraw and sail along the island, do some snorkelling and just enjoy the morning sun.

{more of our sailing photos in Coast Thru Life's facebook page and blog.
Check it out! Please like and share too!}

Of course after lunch the girls all hurried to get dressed and do our hair and make up! But it's so fun and easy dressing up for a beach wedding because it's so relaxed. And it's so cool that all the surfer girls were in either shades of pink or floral dresses!
how thoughtful! since it's outdoors and it's sunny, you get a parasol & an abanico when you register
photo by Lorraine Lapus
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved 
And the surfer boys surely are a good looking lot!
photo by Lorraine Lapus

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved  

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved  
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved  

Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved  
I don't think you can ever go wrong with a beach wedding. *sigh*

The most gorgeous bride I have ever seen. 
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved

uhm...look at that DRESS!

The newlyweds. Tin & Eric with Miguela
Copyright 2012 Charlie Gomez, All Rights Reserved
 Congratulations & Best wishes to the Matics!! I love you guys!

This is their wedding video. What a tear jerker!!! so beautiful!!!


The next day, most of us were getting ready to head back to Manila.
But me being such a beach baby, I couldn't leave without going for one last dip in the ocean! I took a walk alone and enjoyed the water before going back. Oh the glorious white sand!

I stand corrected when I said I *hated* this place before, but I'll miss you Boracay!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

shades of pink


Tin Magsaysay & Eric Matic's beach wedding in Boracay.

custom skirt by Fabrichildby RoyAnne Lee, Topshop blush foil top,
F21 earrings & love ring, gifted bracelets

surfer girls in our dresses :)