Monday, September 26, 2011


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One of my surf idols is Kassia Meador (pronounced Cass-yah Med-her. Apparently her name is Greek, and in an interview she was asked to finally say how it is pronounced because people always get it wrong!). 

She is the queen of cool and radness and I just love her! She is so graceful on her logs as well as shorter boards like fishies.


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I like also like her style out of the water!  She always looks cool and funky with her relaxed loose tops and her awesome beach styled hair!

She also loves shooting film photographs and is an artist. Talk about talent!


photo from Sambazon
Kassia is also part of the Keep A Breast (KAB) campaign. And what could be a more effective way of spreading breast cancer awareness than living a healthy, fun, surfer lifestyle? Not to mention being one with nature and being environmentally aware. How rad is that?!

And together with KAB and Captain Fin. Co., she designed and created Kassia's Hooters Fin! :) I would totally get this fin if it were not out of stock. As the Capt. Fin website said, "Every Hooters fin purchased lets everyone in the lineup see that you support boobies. We support em. The Hooters fin from Captain Fin Co is here for a good laugh when you need it...when you're noseriding." :)

This fin also goes with the owl fever trend!! Just like what Nina said in her blog post
Dear Capt. Fin, please restock this soon?


Check out to see her surf adventures, travels, art and photography.

Monday, September 19, 2011

acqua salata

"The cure for anything is salt water.
sweat, tears, or the sea." 
- Isak Dinesen 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i *heart* nail art

I believe that nails are part of your outfit and can sometimes make or break your whole look. I was--WAS!--more of a nude or red polish kind of girl until I read Tammy's blog post about shatter polish. Since then I have started browsing through blogs about nail art and found it really interesting!

so thanks to Tammy, I am now obsessed with OPI Shatter. It is applied over whatever nail polish you have on, and literally shatters to reveal the color beneath it. Kinda cool actually.

white and silver OPI shatter over a teal, coral, and gold glitter polish.

This takes me back to 5th or 6th grade where I just started using nail polish. And when I couldn't decide which color to wear, I would just wear a different color on each finger! hahaha

But, no, I am not going out of the house like this. Just trying on different combinations of the shatter polish.

Easy instant nail art! yey!

Friday, September 16, 2011

dancing with the ocean

"There is no greater or more powerful or more pure human rapport with the elements than that experienced by a surfer dancing with the ocean."

- Jean-Etienne Poirier

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte - August 18, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

color obsession: white

inspired by one of my best friends' blog post about her fashion obsessions/frustrations here, here is one of my own :)

White is my absolute favorite clothing color. It looks so fresh and relaxed, and especially since we are water babies, white looks absolutely gorgeous on our sun-kissed skin!

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This is my forever frustration, a white pantsuit!! I wanna have one made, maybe a 3-piece set for formal occasions? I love how this girl wore a denim shirt and chucks to casual-ize her outfit. :)

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This outfit, I absolutely love :) An easy white summer dress, comfy sandals, and an awesome handbag. See that cute little drawstring bag?? It's so perfect with it's aqua pop and tan/camel details, my absolute favorite combo - as I've said in my other color obsession here. I want to wear this everyday!

And since we live in the tropics, i think it's safe to say that the do-not-wear-white-after-labor-day-rule does not apply to us. Summer all year! :)
and besides, rules scmules right? Even if we did have fall & winter seasons, I'd still wear white.

photo from fabsugar

is this my version of winter white? haha
photo from marvin

Tan line shman line! Show off that beautiful brown skin!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

creating space

Along with Architect Buji Libarnes, I design and create space.

We are a small architectural office that aims to make each of our commissions the best they can possibly be.

We try to consider how each and every square meter of space can be designed so as to inspire, excite and soothe the people who use it. We aspire to create space that uplift the human spirit, spaces that are designed around the human being as a living organism who sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels, who appreciates the light playful shadows, the wind, the tress, the sun, and the sky.

We find beauty in simplicity.
Simple, fresh and clean architecture is timeless architecture.

Friday, September 9, 2011


dear Chloe Marcie & PS1, one day, you will be in my arms. 
love, Nikki

Friday, September 2, 2011

you're a dream to me

Oh my life is changing everyday, in every possible way…
and oh my dreams, is never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems.