Monday, November 12, 2012


Aloha Boardsports held its annual Surf & Music Festival last Oct 31 - Nov 4 in La Union. My friends and I spent 5 days in our second home surfing the different wave conditions, enjoying the company of my crazy (and i mean CRAZY) friends, bingeing on sausages, flame grilled burgers, isaw, barbecue and beer and, of course, loving every minute of listening to the awesome awesome bands right there on our (almost) doorstep.

day 1 was quiet compared to the rest of the 4 days we were there, we had small peelers. and by small, uh... 1 to 2 footer. BUT! As Buji said,, 

"Thank God we're loggers. 

Sharin a 1 footer with the birthday boy Jeff @msandsw. 

Taken and uploaded in the water on our iphone. #lifeproof Free wifi from kahuna resort. "
photo from Coast Thru Life's Instagram feed (@coastthrulife)

Lazy beach afternoon sunsets are the best. Especially with our little wahine Cadence :)

That evening, we celebrated one of our good friend Jeff Ganuelas' birthday at their place with a simple dinner -- some pancit, dinakdakan, liempo, roast chicken and FOUR CAKES. haha all groups had the idea of bringing Jeff a birthday cake so there.We had four cakes that evening. Good thing they were different flavors! #simplejoys #probinsyaLife

The following day gave us bigger surf -- shoulder to head high rights at the point and was able to use smaller my smaller board

photo by Natasha Ysabel Lee

And of course everyone was awaiting the festivities for that evening!

wow! what a stage set up! The concert was awesome. The booze we had was... enough. We couldn't believe we had 2 more nights of this (i hate to use this word) epic-ness.

Jam's colorful feet :) pretty!
At the LU Beach Apartment, "Good morning!" means going out to our 'common lanai' (aka driveway), sipping coffee while chatting and asking about wave conditions (or hangovers), waxing boards, and/or applying sunblock. And sometimes making phone calls to the office when necessary.

After that day's surf, we readied ourselves again for great bands, yummy food booths and more booze!
Highlight of the night though? Meeting Kat of SinoSiKat? and Papa Dom!

Kage and mi bro loving the moment!
Day Four was really exciting for us since this was the day when the biggest bands will be performing. And imagine my surprise when I paddled out to the lineup and... Franco Reyes was there. I know know, we've already met before and have surfed together but forgive me, I am truly a fan. O_o

So please indulge me as I will post a couple of ultra fan pics.

after the Franco performance / photo by Allen Aligam

Oh you wanna know the bands that played?



Wolfgang (although you can't see them here. fail)


Yun lang naman.

THEN there was the afterparty. 

yes I just have to brag that Mr Reyes was with us at the after party.
photo bomb win for me and carla! :)

This photo was taken by a very buzzed pal ;) proof that our booze was indeed overflowin' ;)


Can't wait for next year! Hopefully there'll be bonus nice waves again!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


"Scientists suggest, the key to happiness is spending your 

money on experiences instead of possessions."

so go out and do something.
Photo: Fun time. 
@nikkidelapaz #smf2012.
 iphone upload.
photo from coast thru life's instagram feed (@coastthrulife)

Thursday, November 1, 2012