Friday, September 14, 2012

out & about

went out for dinner & some shopping with a bunch of chatty gals whom i absolutely love :)

#whatiwore F21 dress which i cut off the sleeves, Junk studio skull necklace
Tin & I with little Santi! :)

Lu|Lu's mexican steak with fries and truffle mac and 5-cheese :) who had a happy belly???

Kim, le me & Kage

Noey, Tin & Jam


After dinner we went for some drinks in Barcino and found these surfer boys. hahaha
photo from Jam's instagram feed

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd place

I was invited by the La Union Surf Club to compete in the women's pro division of the Oakley Longboard Pro Challenge held in Urbiztondo, San Juan LU last Sept 4-6.

Unforetunately the waves didn't cooperate very much and all we got were 1-2 foot swells, sometime 3feet if we're lucky. Good thing my friends and I used logs* so we were still able to enjoy and catch the tiny peelers!

hanging out at the beach on our Lagu beach blanket

Told my friends that sometimes it's nice when there is a comp since we get to hang out at the beach, drink beers, watch the susnet. Because usually, we just surf until it's dark already!

photo by Charlie Gomez
photo by Charlie Gomez / photo also found on Ava Daza's blog :)

photo by Charlie Gomez
Here are the men's Longboard pro finalists with the Oakley girls :)
{ The eventual champ was JR Esquivel (red), then first to third runners up were Marven Abat(black), Jeff dela Torre(yellow) and Benito Nerida (white) respectively :) good job guys! }

 I told you. SMALL waves...

Trying to bottom turn with whatever wall the wave gave me.
photo by Jeff Ganuelas of Moonshine & Saltwater
{ehem...a little shameless plug} I made it to the finals and eventually got 1st runner up! Yay! :) 

This is the CHAMP - Daisy Valdez from La Union
photo by Jeff Ganuelas

Daisy getting some nose time!

photo by Jeff Ganuelas

freesurfing during the judges' break :)

I think the LUSC hold great comps! Sanay na sanay! :)

photo by Maricris Villanueva
awarding night

photo by Thea Marie Castillo
And of course what is a surf comp weekend without a beach party??
hammered much??

till the next surf comp!! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MSA Parties Rock!!

Last August 30, the Manila Surfers' Association hosted a party at The Balcony in Makati, mainly for membership signups and for the new member to meet and greet the oldies. :p

the MSA membership card

So what are the perks of becoming an MSA member? One, you get discounts in a lot of surf shops here in Manila (just present your card!). Two, medical insurance for surf related injuries (such as getting stitches from reef or fin cuts), and  three,I think even discounts at surf resorts in popular surf spots in the Philippines*!
*please verify with the MSA

And also you get invited to parties like these!!

(photos by Allen Aligam) :)

sign up sign up sign up

with NSanty being retarded as usual

Ava, Marco, Berta, Anna)
chef Mako seems to be pretty happy to be surrounded by these guapas :)

Buji, Gerard Sison and Mia

Beer drinking contest!!! Woohoo!! Go surfergirls!

hotdog sandwich eating contests

i dunno what happened here.

I'm surrounded by surfer/celebs! Actress Ana Abad Santos and Chef JP Anglo of Junior Master Chef Phils

And of course, as always, MSA parties are fun because we get to see our surfer friends fully clothed and because there's always a lot of surf stories, great music & boooooze!! 

to become a member of the MSA, click here.