Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surf Kalikasan

If you're a surfer, you know this problem... you're at the mercy of mother nature. Both in the sense that She may give you massive waves or teeny tiny ripples. This is what happened to us last July 20-21 in La Union. The Manila Surfers' Association together with Maui & Sons organized a southswell surf comp. But, again, if you're a surfer from the Philippines, you know how unpredictable south swells are in Luzon.

True enough, the surf forecast said we would be getting 4-5 foot swells that weekend, so therefore MSA said the contest is a go! But wait! when we got to La Union... It. Was. (almost) Flat. Horror.

But being true blue troopers, the MSA crew made the most out of what waves God gave us and we all had a pretty good time. :)

see? TINY.
(photo from My Life on Board)

with the shortboard invitational finalist Thereze Lumdang & Champ Tin-tastic!! 

And thanks to my ever trusty LOG, i was able to catch some good ones during that almost flat spell... i got a new board! Thanks MSA & Maui!

For more photos, check these links out!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sitting in the line up, my friend Kim and I could not believe that we were seeing one of the moset awesome sunsets ever, we just HAD to run back to shore, drop our longboards, kim got her phone and snapped this photo, then we ran as quickly back to the line up and caught a few more small peelers as the sun continued to give us this light show.

photo by Kim Jones

Monday, July 15, 2013


Most of my posts are either about surf or beach trips, summer and summer fashion, but I'm also a city girl! I also (kind of) love the hustle and bustle of a city as much as I love the serenity and calmness of the oceanside. Almost.

 And being in the city means not having beachfront vastness, or a huge piece of land to build a nice beach house with awesome views on. As a designer, this poses as a challenge for us to create a comfortable, efficient, functioning and beautiful home in a small space -- which most of the time is the only size a city has to offer.

This New York City apartment is my absolute favorite inspiration when it comes to small spaces. It is so modern and functional yet still feels homey.

It's genius how each nook and cranny of the house is used as storage. No corner has gone to waste!

These 3D models show how small the space really is and how the designer made the best out of it.

Definitely inspiring! Imagination is everything!

from here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

bali bits

It's been a month since my last day in Bali and I'm missing it so much! Everything about that trip was just perfect -- the place, the company, the surf...

Reminiscing, here are some photos of us, out and about in Bali. 

tunic: vintage; cargo shorts: Coast Thru Life

mismatched bikini: Victoria's Secret

bikini top: Victoria's Secret; shorts: Billabong

tunic: thrifted in Seminyak; sunnies: Vans -- (see Kim's look here!)

maxi dress: thrifted in Seminyak

top & shorts: F21

bikini bottom: VS; purple board: McTavish (unintentionally matching my bikini bottoms!)