Sunday, January 29, 2012

current obsession: texture & shine

I've been recently attracted to happy shiny things...

photo taken from
bring on the shine and sparkles!

relaxed on my birthday!


new year's eve. here with my cousin martin

hint of shoulder sparkle (dec 2011)

wine red


my godson Triton Oida's baptism

crazy godmothers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

celebrating life

I know of some people who don't celebrate their birthday. They see it as getting old, a reason to spend to treat people out or throw a party...

I always celebrate my birthday in my own small way. I like to spend it with my family and friends. 
Birthdays are not about getting old, it's the celebration of life. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

nine things: charlie

Charlie Gomez is the cousin of one of my BFFs Nina. He is one of the nicest guys ever and takes amazing photos!!!

{like this}


Here are his 9 current obsessions:

  1. Breaking Bad - I caught on the series late but now I'm addicted. You never know what's going to happen next.
  2. Steve McCury - His portraits reveal the souls of his subjects through their eyes like no other photographer. His photography makes me want to travel to far off places and experience the world.
  3. Leica X1 - It has the power of a DSLR w/ classic Leica design and Leica glass and it fits in my pocket. The X1 has been my go to travel camera when I don't feel like packing my Canon 5D Mark II.
  4. Saturdays Syrf NYC - The surf and coffee shop that made surfing cool in NYC. You can find me here Saturday mornings getting my cafe latte, chatting with the friendly staff and catching up on the latest styles.
  5. Wes Anderson - My favorite director of all time. Looking forward to his latest movie "Moonrise Kingdom" in 2012.
  6. Radiohead - Finally seeing them live in 2011 cemented their place as on of my favorite bands of all time, coming very close to Beatles status. Thom York is a genius.
  7. Paia - The sleepy little utopian town along the Hana Highway in Maui might just be the happiest place in the world. I hope to live there someday.
  8. Quoddy - I have 4 different pairs of shoes from the footwear brand that's handsewn in Maine, USA. My favorite is the Maliseet.
  9. Bikram Yoga - I was late to the yoga party and my body is thanking me after putting it through years of torture lifting weights. Namaste.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

creativity inspiring creativity

I believe that being in a creative space induces creativity. is one of my favorite websites. It features spaces where people design. (duh.) They post photos of offices, ateliers & studios of architects, photographers, fashion designers, interior designers, artists, painters, software engineers, etc.

I dream of having an office/design space as nice and creative as the ones on their site. :) Here are some of my favorites:

{click the photos for the full feature}

Tepera Hood Design
Tepera Hood Design
This architectural design office was converted from an old gas station. How's that for creative?

Bark Design
Bark Design
Imagine your office cubicle to have that view. You definitely don't need that nature wallpaper on your computer desktop.

Rafa Armero
(design agency)
Rafa Armero
look at those cute lamps!

Williams Studio
Williams Studio

Street & Garden
(product designer)
Street & Garden
What an entrance!!!

Who What Wear
(fashion design)
I love the girliness of this space!

El Cuartel
(advertising agency)
El Cuartel
Although it sounds like a drug cartel. hahaha  i love the spanish-ness.
El Cuartel\

for now, i just have a home office. Or rather a home office DESK. hahaha 
One day...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

it's more fun on a cruise ship

{long photo post}

Last January 9-13, my family...rather, CLAN... went on a cruise! A first for most of us, and a repeat for some. It was an Isles of Asia cruise which started in Singapore then headed to Malaysia - Thailand, then back to Sg. My family started out flying to Singapore 2 days prior to the cruise departure so we could settle in and relax first. And maybe do a little sightseeing.

Unfortunately it was a raining for 2 days so we didn't really enjoy a lot of places except for an afternoon walk along Orchard Road and a yummy dinner there.
January 9 came and we were excited to meet up with the rest of the dela Paz clan at the Singapore cruise center so we can board the ship together. Once on board, we hit the pizza bar at once! Day 1 was spent relaxing and just catching up with family.

my cousin Chiqui and my 2 bros heading towards the ship

dad and mom

On the second day, our ship was docked in Malaysia. Some of us went on the tour of Kuala Lumpur but we stayed on board to just lounge and relax.
enzo the brother by the pool

more cousins hot tub-bing

That evening was the Captain's welcome dinner at the Dining Hall. Suggested dinner attire? Formal.

Pao and I making like proper citizens and wearing formal

our uncle who introduces us to cruisin, Tito Boy! nice egyptian tie...

After dinner, we headed down to the theater to catch a broadway-esque performance and then hang out in one of the lounges for some drinks.

dela Paz cousins - tito boy, tito jun, and dad
the boys mini golfing

Next day, buffet breakfast! No explanation needed.

Around lunchtime, we dock in Phuket, Thailand. This one I could not NOT get off ship! Elephants! I was excited to experience this and walk around Patong beach in Phuket. But first up, we checked out some Buddhist temples.

Then on to the elephants!!

Enzo & cousin Dodge
These are Asian elephants, different from African elephants which have a bigger body but small head. Asian elephants have smaller bodies but bigger heads. 

That evening, the ship had sort of a farewell party by the pool deck. Both 70s and new music were played and lots and lots of food (of course) and dancing!

After departing Phuket, the following day was spent at sea. Truly cruising! :) We headed back to Singapore... We enjoyed the ship for the last time...lounging by the pool, eating some more...playing...eating some more. 

That afternoon, we were treated by my cousin Christine to a song. Inseparable by Natalie Cole. WOW. She really sings like an Angel.

because flowers in your hair is too mainstream ;)

It was a really REALLY fun trip especially since I got to spend time with my family and extended family! :) Good times.

I can't wait for our next cruise!! I'm saving up starting now!