Friday, August 23, 2013

Faith in Humanity Restored!

Here's a story that will truly make your day!

So, the boyfriend Buji is in California, right? One day, I receive an email in our work account with the subject "lost wallet". At first I dismissed it since I didnt know the sender, thinking it was one of those email scams asking for money. Then my email window showed a preview of the message and i saw Buji's name in the letter. So I opened the email.

It read,
"I found a wallet for Gian Carlo B Libarnes outside a goodwill on Saratoga. This is the only contact info I could find in the wallet so let me know if you have his phone number. My number is 4----99--0. It has $283 in it and as I am homeless I would like to use some to buy gas and cigarettes, hope that is ok."

So I immediately called Buji to ask him if he did lose his wallet. He actually didn't realize It wasn't in his pocket anymore and was thankful that the guy who found it was a kind hearted soul. Imagine? A homeless guy not taking that cash?! Hey, 283 dollars is a lot of money! Anyway, Buji did call the guy and everything worked out. He got his tank full of gas, a pack of smokes, and Buji threw in a box of polvoron for good measure. Hahaha such a noyps.

Awesome, right? Right?!?! But wait there's more. 

Two days later, I again receive an email from him and it read,

"Glad it worked out! Sorry I took some cash, I was totally stranded! 
I'll pay you back once I get a job :) Cheers"

YOU. ARE. AN ANGEL. Of course Buji told him to not worry about it, and the world needs more people like him.

I literally had tears in my eyes. #truestory

PS. In case your all "If he's homeless how could he have sent an email?", some friend from California said they've seen homeless people with Macbooks and phones and all. They hang out in the library for free wifi (and books).

PPS. So what if all he wanted were some smokes and some gas?

Here are the screen caps of his email from my phone.

Monday, August 12, 2013

my girls

"You know when I feel inwardly beautiful? When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a 'goddess circle'."

- Jennifer Aniston

just because im being emo and thankful for the gift of girl friends ;)

my college peeps (l-r: a blurry Katsy, le me, Sui pea, Gel and Bop)

my Cathy

the wahines! (l-r: Cesca, Kim, Amy, Kagey, le me, Tin, Nina, Jam)

Cesca, Tin, Nina, Mia, Kim & Miguela

Tin & Lorraine

me, tin, ces, Nica, & Lor