Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'm usually one to relish and savour each and every moment of the holiday season. But alas, with our Coast Thru Life store opening, plus our design work, I could not really sit down and enjoy it, not until a few days before Christmas.

a few photos to remind me to be wide eyed at the twinkling lights

But even so, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Great Sushi Trip

(disclaimer: LOOOONG photo post)

Aaaah Japan.

Back in late June, during the height of my post-Bali travel bug itch, was chatting with my college buds about travelling and we sort of mention going to Tokyo. A goal, yes. But not a plan.

A few weeks later our friend who lives in Canada, Chin, said she already bought tickets to Tokyo since it was cheap and then the ball started rolling. We started looking and reserving for guesthouses and hostels then a few months later, months worth of crazy chats on viber, and a few weeks of stressing over our visas, Konnichiwa Japan!

After a three hour delay in my flight from Manila to Narita, arriving in Japan at 10pm, getting lost! (took the wrong train, then had to transfer trains three times, and asking for direction from a guy who spoke ZERO English). then later lugging my 60L Northface pack and getting chilled from the cool autumn air, finally found my way to Nui Hostel.  And the adventure began.

photo from Chin

photo from Chin

photo from Chin

Our days consisted of walking around Japanese gardens, checking out the Tsukiji fish market and seeing some giant ass tuna, witnessing a traditional Japanese wedding at the Meiji Jingu Shrine, meeting up with an old friend from Japan, randomly running into a surfer friend from the Philippines!, seeing Hachiko's monument, crossing Shibuya!, watching the Jidai Matsuri Festival (or the festival of ages), biking around Gion, chasing a real working geisha, and lots and lots of gyu-don, okonomiyaki,
tempura, ramen, japanese curry, yakitori, takoyaki, sushi and Asahi!
I miss the millions of retarded and crazy moments with these girls.
My trip was extra awesome because of them!

Till the next Great _____ Trip!

photo from Carla

check the hashtag #thegreatsushitrip for more pics!