Monday, February 18, 2013



Like being raped,
but you're forced to laugh.


Friday, February 15, 2013

navy forest

photo from Sam V

photo from Sam V

my two musketeers Nina & Kim

Last Spetember, when I found out we were being invited to our friends' Pao & Sam's wedding in Feb, I sort of thought of what I wanted to wear already but said "Nah, that's still in February. More than enough time to buy or have a dress made."

Fast forward to end of January, panic mode. Good thing my friend Tin has a closet full of goodness. I raided her hangers one day (along with my fellow musketeer Kim - watch our for her outfit post on this on!) and found this simple yet elegant gem from Zara. And it's also satisfying to my recent color obsession! It's a light gray chiffon tube with navy blue water color-esque forest print, and a deep navy blue lining. 

Did my own hair and thanks to youtube tutorials, I was able to do a messy chignon by myself. Not bad Niks. *patsselfonback Also did my own makeup - opted for a clean face, just mascara and bronze blush, with a deep plum lip. 

dress: HouseOfTin (hahaha); shoes: Aldo; clutch: Mom; lippy: Maybelline refined wine, silver accessories: gifted

not your typical bathroom photo. kimjonesyoucrazy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

throwbackthursday {circa 2011}
when buj and i BOTH had short hair :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


photo from 

Last week, I attended one of the most beautiful, grand, and fun wedding I've been to! They are truly one of the few couples I know that are made for each other. Congratulations guys and thank you for that awesome party!

The simple yet extremely cool wedding invites. The logo was designed by the bride.

How cool is this buttoniere? Took a snapshot of this one from the pocket of one of the groomsmen Jericho Rosales

photo from
the gorgeous bride onto her walk to her love

the amazing voice of mr RJ dela Fuente blew us away

father of the groom, the groom and Aj Rafael. Yep, we had some gooood music at the reception

awww. cute! {photo from}

Congrats & Best Wishes you two!! mwah!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

yesterday's ride

tee: F21; pants: H&M; sandals: Payless; bag: Coach; lippy: M.A.C Korean Candy

my Buji has always been fascinated about anything and everything old school -- from his clothing style, to his surfing style and of course, automobiles. He got this Toyota Lancruiser FJ40 for a bargain. It was good and running with all original parts, but it was rather not in perfect aesthetic condition. And being the restoration addict, Buji happily went on to bring this little beast back to its glory.

photo from Coast Thru Life's Instagram feed

Did errands and meetings the whole day yesterday driving around in the fj. Everything in this jeep is so old school, so...manual. Love it!! Stick shift, even the headlights and horn are the original machanisms.

photo from Coast Thru Life's Instagram feed
Driving the fj is true driving -- no automatic transmission, no power steering. But it's an adventure! Bring on the rough roads! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

of birthdays and beer

celebrating my last night being a 28 year old...
by drinking draft beer! (and yes maybe a glass of wine...)

jeans: Bench, top: Reborn, pumps, Steve Madden

every year, I always want to celebrate my birthday but I end up always not really planning anything. This year, after much thinking and internal debate, I decide on meeting up with some friends at Draft Gastropub in the Fort Strip to buy them a round of Hoe(garden)s.

I love spending my birthdays with my best bunch! And what more running into more friends while were at it? Lots of babies, celebrity sightings and exes weirdly alternating arrivals and departures, my birthday salubong at draft was a a fun one :)

some people dread their birthdays coming up. But it's not about age you know. It's about celebrating your life. So here's to more birthdays and beers to come!!!

next year it's the big 3-0!!!!

{all photos by the photographer extraodinaire Charlie Gomez
please check out his portfolio at}