Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012


GT House | Fona LaShay

this room is just PERFECT in my opinion. wow.

I'm absolutely loving the raw concrete accents and exposed piping. So industrial chic! The space is softened form the masculinity of the concrete and pipes by those little colorful pillows and minimalist art. And I also love how the frames were arranged in an asymmetrical way. :) 


This element I almost always use whenever I design. Not the brick wall per se but how the brick wall is part of the inside and outside, only cut (almost seamlessly) by a glass panel or sliding door.


The closet shows that obviously this is a man's room but I adore it! Check our the little flash of green from the pocket garden through the toilet!


And what a clever way of arranging your books on the shelf!

I am in love with this space.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

sunrise surfing

After not being able to surf for exactly a month, I was turning light-skinned and itching to be in the ocean! Last week, we were monitoring the surf forecast websites and they only showed swell coming in the east side of the Philippines. Baler. 

I admit, I almost didn't go since I know that usually, waves in Baler are more enjoyable to shortboarders than longboarders and smurfers like me. {smurf - in Manila surf slang means small wave surfer}

After much thinking, I decided to join Buji, Jeff and Lorraine to the drive to Baler. I thought worst case scenario, if the waves were too gnarly and wild for me, I can at least take out my Lagu beach blanket and just lay on the beach and get some sun. But was I wrong!

photo from Coast Thru Life

We arrived in Sabang beach, Baler at around 7am Saturday morning. When we looked at the beach break, it was so clean and glassy and just peeling that we just checked in our room, didn't even unpack, just changed into our bikinis and boardshorts, and raced to Aliya Surf Camp to paddle out on the right hander in front of the resort. To say this was one of my best Baler surf trips is an understatement. 

buji brownlegs chilling on his longboard's nose

me, cross stepping

Besides the surf, Roy Angara of Aliya Surf Camp had a feast prepared for us. And when I say feast, I mean FEAST! Crabs, buttered lobster, shrimp, lots of fish... it was seafood heaven! Our friend Dimo even said that in the States, meals like this would cost $300!

imagine this times 10. O_o

The following day, Buj and I took turns taking video of each other surfing. :) I (finally!) unpacked my Lagu and we set up a perch by the beach. Recording surf clips maybe isn't as fun as surfing itself but it's not that bad if you've got great tunes to keep you happy. :) And it feels like you're watching a surf video!

buji using my Lagu as a tent

watch out for the short surf and lifestyle video of this trip that 
buji brownlegs and coast thru life are working on! I'll be posting the video here soon!

random pics of our Baler weekend:

Buji with rock-man Franco Reyes.

lunching at the rolling store with Buji and Lor


Bye Baler! See you next time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I first saw Lagu when a friend posted a photo of it on facebook along with a link to their website and I've wanted to get one. It's basically a sand repellent blanket. 

Why sand repellent? Simple, the more people there are on the beach, the more sand gets eroded away. The more sand gets eroded, less beach. :(

An average beach goer unintentionally takes away a handful of sand every time he/she leaves the beach. Multiply that to the number of tourists on Philippine beaches and it's no wonder the shorelines are receding. 

I got my Lagu a few weeks ago and was excited to use it when we went to Baler last weekend. Thanks Amanda Lapus for hooking me up with this! :)

This may be just a small thing to do to help beach (and environmental) conservation, but hey! as they say "a little goes a long way."

Lagu is available in a bunch of summer-y colors :) 
shop on their site!

Friday, April 13, 2012

pink streak

Forever21 sheer top, floral lace bandeau, Zara high waisted shorts,
sperry topsiders, givenchy nightingale

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elise & Mark's summer love affair

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim: Zara dress, Aldo heels; me: Forever21 dress, Charles & Keith wedges
At the end of March, Buji's sister, Dr. Elise Libarnes, got married. She wed her super bait and super kulit boyfriend Arch. Mark Ouano. It was such a beautiful summer themed wedding! During that entire week, it was raining and gloomy everyday, but luckily the sun was out on their wedding day. :)
(photo by buji brownlegs)Elise & her groom Mark

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim and I goofing around in the church. It's a shame I wasn't able to take a photo of the back of Kim's dress! It's got a low v at the back. So nice & classy :) And excuse me for the open-mouth look. haha 

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim being extra tall because of her new Aldos :)

(photo by buji brownlegs)
Kim why are you so gorgeous? And yes, whattaface again from me. And whatta calves.

(photo by ndp)
our handsome dates :)

"Welcome to Elise & Mark's summer love affair"
(photo from my feed)
Welcoming the guests at the reception in Mango Farm, Antipolo, was this cute sign.

The tables were given names of places the couple has been,or where they wish to travel in the future.
(photo from my feed)
we were sat in the Ting-Init (Cebuano) table, conveniently beside the buffet table. Thanks Elise! :)

The couple had set up a photo booth outside the reception hall. Of course we goofed around some more!
(photo from my feed)

Congratulations & Best Wishes Elise and Mark! :) love you guys!

with the bride's family; Auntie Ludy, Dr. Libarnes, Miguel, mother-of-the-bride Tita Beth, Elise & Mark, Buj and le me.
(photo by Lissa Marie Ouano-Sheker)

Monday, April 2, 2012

color obsession: color!

from my previous posts about color obsessions here & here, I'm usually just into one color at a time. however, i'm simply attracted to anything colorful nowadays...just in time for summer!


I used to dislike anything pastel, I was more gravitated towards bright vivid colors or just black or white. I thought pastel made me look like a trying-hard-to-be-a-goody-two-shoes-little girl. But just like anything, your taste changes and now I'm somewhat attracted to this color scheme... considering that it strays from too girly silhouettes and things. Pastel colors on tough shapes sort of cancel out the frilly-ness.

photo from

I have mentioned my lust for the Chloe Marcie before and that craving has not been satisfied. And what more now that I see this?! Is it blue? is it violet?

this icy blue Jil Sander is also WOW. O_o

photo from Garance Dore
this pair of pink trousers...


photo from Trop Rouge
i have yet to own a single red dress! And this one that Christina Caradonna is wearing looks luscious!!! I'm not a fan of bright colors on already eye catching silhouettes so this is perfect! Long, flowy and completely covering the wearer...because red is enough as an eyecatcher.

photo from Natalie Off Duty
And yes I am starting to embrace high heels again and I have a current liking for wedges.

 Image Detail
...and Ombre Hair!!! Look at how gorgeous Drew Barrymore is!

And here is something I wish I was brave enough to try! (and has somewhere to go to with it on!)
 Image Detail
fluorescent eye makeup!!

So far, my toes have gotten a fair share of color this week!