Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the land of gandhi, saris & masala chai

{long photo post}
At the end of April of this year, my brother Enzo and I (semi)spontaneously went to India with my dad when he had a flight there.As the crew were only staying in New Delhi for four days, we tried squeeze in what we wanted to do within that short time. And getting a taste of India's magic, I really want to go back!

Delhi is such a juxtaposition of two opposites. In one side it's all modern and rich, in the other you really see the heart of India at the bazaars, the cows roaming the roads...

India Gate. The commemorative arch of India's war heroes. You won't see the scale from this picture but up close, it is massive!

The sari clad women. It's wonder how you see so many saris and i never saw two that were exactly alike!

At the heart of (old) Delhi is the main bazaar road. The place is bustling with activity! There are a few inns frequented by backpackers but more importantly, this is the best place to shop!


We took the early morning fast train to from Delhi to Agra-the city of the Taj Mahal. :) I was so giddy when we arrived at the Agra station and took a car to see the Taj. And it did not disappoint. It's beauty is beyond words.

*cue watery eyes*

some of the many interesting arcades and arches around the Taj Mahal

Agra fort is the palace of the king and Mumtaz Mahal during their reign. When Mumtaz died, he had the Taj Mahal built where he can directly view it from the palace of Agra fort. Nakakaiyak naman e.

Fatehpur Sikri

This was (is!) truly a magical place. Can't wait to go back and visit the other places I missed! This time I'll stay longer :)


Sunday, May 27, 2012

blog lag

I've been postponing and postponing posts either because i'm a bit busy with work or i'm satisfying my spirit of adventure somewhere. Can't wait to blog about my trip to India, getting ombre-fied, solitude on a white sand beach, and being 9,587 feet high on my own two feet. 

here's a teaser of my adeventures. :)
Two very different sunrises.

by the sea

and above the clouds.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

room(s) with a view

Of course we all dream of a room in the house where we can just back relax and enjoy a nice view. Whether it be your living room, porch, bedroom, etc. Of course if the location permits, we want a huge picture window overlooking the ocean, mountains, watching the sunset or sunrise.

But I like seeing rooms/spaces that are usually just tucked in a corner somewhere, and turning it into a light airy space...which you can actually hang out in.

not just a normal bookshelf
We usually just put a bookshelf against our wall and maybe a seat and lamp beside it as our reading space. Here, a nice little nook is turned into a reading nook with an awesome view. I could stay here for hours on end! I'd just make the cushions more on the plush fluff side and put a coffee maker somewhere. #javajunkie

As I mentioned in my post here, i am against designing (walk-in) closets that are usually just a closed box where we store clothes and stuff.
{like so}

But if I had the space (and money) to make a walk-in-closet, I'd go all out.
photo from anduyarchi
I love a walk in closet where you can sit while choosing clothes! And a nice full window wouldn't hurt either.

Although modern kitchen designs are already embracing kitchens are comfortable rooms also, more often, kitchens are still just slapped against a wall opting for more storage/work space than windows.

Stainless Steel Combined in Modern Wooden Kitchen Inspiration Modern Wooden Kitchen Inspiration
photo from designomah

and here's something for a car-lover!!
photo from home-designing

a garage with an AWESOME view!
garage top
photo from home-designing

Saturday, May 12, 2012


i'm lusting after these combos right now.
(inspirations from Scott Schumann and Garance Dore)


camel + red

flowers + leopard

brown on brown


denim on *shock* denim

a thing i considered a total no-no...i realized it's kinda quirky and kinda stylish as long as you don't use the same wash and hue :)

Backpacks with anything

A school girl staple, i finding backpacks quite fashionable lately. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

home office

Since I am a freelance designer/architect, I have the luxury of just working from home. But of course I believe in keeping your work separate from your home life so the solution is a home office! I do have a little corner in my room where all my print outs, sketches and clutter are, but I want to jazz it up a bit!

from supriya2000

from design sponge