Thursday, February 13, 2014

In the Indochine

sunrise, Angkor Wat

Together with a bunch of friends, I flew to Siem Reap on January 28, and flew out of Siagon (back to Manila) on February 12. This is the photo diary of the fifteen crazy days in between.

First leg of the trip was a 3-day tomb raiding temple run in the Angkor complex, and an extra 2 days of exploring Siem Reap.

From Siem Reap, we took a 10-hour road trip to Bavet, the Vietnam border, then a 2-hour ride to Saigon. By the way, we booked this trip last year (August to be precise), we did NOT know that by the time we get to Ho Chi Minh City, it was gonna be Chinese New Year! Madness! Spent our days in Saigon enjoying Pho, coffee, and checking out the French Quarters and the war remnants museum. 

We then flew to Da Nang, and stayed in Faifoo (also known as Hoi An) for the remainder of our days in the Indochine. It was a beautiful, beautiful town lit up by colorful lanterns. We spent our time there devouring the best Banh Mi ever, Saigon beer on sunset boat rides and just biking and scootering around this historical town.


And 2014 is off to a good start! Can't wait till my next adventure!

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